Fat Joe turned down the chance to sign Eminem six times

Rapper says Eminem gave him "so many demos," and failing to sign him is his biggest regret

Fat Joe has revealed his greatest regret in life: failing to sign Eminem, despite having numerous chances to do so.

Fat Joe is the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, a label that largely released his own material, but also had successes with DJ Khaled and others. The label also featured guest appearances from Akon and Lil Wayne back in 2007, but has been fairly quiet since 2013.

Speaking to the South China Post during a visit to Hong Kong, Joe talked about his chances to sign Eminem, calling the missed chance his biggest regret:


“Man I got so many regrets. The biggest is that Eminem gave me so many demos – six different times he approached me and I didn’t sign him. Shame on me.”


Joe doesn’t dwell on missing out on Eminem, though, going into more depth on the successes of his career:

“I’m so blessed to have a career. You’ve got to understand this: there are 10 million people trying to rap and only one makes it, and the fact that even when someone makes it, most of the time, 99 percent, they are a one-hit wonder.”

“To have so many years in the rap industry and so many number one songs, and sold so many millions of records, introduced the world to people like Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, Pitbull, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Remy Ma, Big Pun, Rico Love… I could go on and on. Having been able to influence the rap game for so long is very important to me. Coming from the Bronx, too. “

Eminem eventually released his debut album on Web Entertainment. ‘Infinite’ was not a commercial success, and the rapper got through the period working minimum-wage jobs. Only around 1,000 copies of the album were made. In 2009, the album was made available as a free download in the build up to the release of Relapse.