Teenager arrested for posting Eminem lyrics on Instagram

The 15-year-old boy was arrested in Fresno, California on Tuesday (September 1)

A teenager in the US been arrested for reciting violent Eminem lyrics on social media, with local police fearing the individual to be a threat to others.

The unnamed boy, 15, was arrested on Tuesday (September 1) at San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno, California, according to local newspaper The Fresno Bee.

Classes were cancelled and police later searched the teen’s family home, finding guns, ammunition and a bulletproof vest in his father’s bedroom. Both the boy and his father deny knowledge of the items.

The teen had initially posted a message to Instagram that quoted Eminem’s 2000 song ‘I’m Back’. The lyrics read, “I take seven kids from Columbine, stand ’em all in a line, add an AK-47, a revolver, a nine, a MAC-11 and it oughtta solve the problem of mine. And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time. I’m just like Shady and just as crazy as the world was over this whole Y2K thing”.


Police chief Jerry Dyer stated that officers had “every reason to believe that there was potential for a threat to be carried out”, describing the student as a “loner” and “socially awkward”.

The boy was arrested on charges of making terrorist threats and for disrupting school activity. His father could face charges of improper storage firearms.