Ice T: ‘Eminem’s like a scientist in the studio’

Veteran rapper says hip-hop star approaches his tracks with incredible attention to detail

Eminem approaches rapping like a scientist, according to Ice-T.

Ice-T, who interviewed the Detroit hip-hop star about his rhymes for his new documentary film, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, told MTV that Eminem’s rapping style was particularly technical, saying, “It was like you were listening to a scientist.”

Acording to Ice T, this detailed technique is one of the reasons he works so well with producer Dr Dre in the studio. He said:

Dre said there’s a difference between a rapper and a songwriter. Dre says, ‘You’ve gotta write me a song. I don’t need bars – I know you’ve got skills, but we need songs, so give me the hook first.’ He says a lot of rappers get lost, but that’s what Eminem does. They write these incredible songs, and that’s basically what Dre likes to take to the marketplace.

Other rappers interviewed for the documentary include ’80s stars such as KRS-One and Melle Mel to more modern day figures such as Kanye West, Redman, Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, and Ice Cube.

Ice said he made the film in order to give viewers a greater understanding of the art form of rap. Speaking at the film’s premiere screening in New York, he said: “You can’t just step into an art form. You can’t come into playing basketball and have no respect for Michael Jordan and Dr J, that’s part of the game, everyone starts out as a fan, no one is born a rapper, everyone starts as a fan. So to come into the game like you’re not a fan, that’s fake.”