Eminem shoots himself in the head in new video for ‘Space Bound’ – video

Rapper brings out another controversial promo

Eminem has included a graphic scene which sees him shooting himself in the head in the video for his new single ‘Space Bound’.

In the video filmed late last year, which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking, the rapper stars alongside porn star Sasha Grey.

Eminem portrays two versions of the same character, one who is calm and together, the other who is irrational and abusive.

In the video’s climax, one of Eminem‘s characters checks his girlfriend’s mobile to find that she has been unfaithful, then seemingly attacks her when they later return to their motel room, only to realise that she isn’t actually there. One Eminem then pulls a gun to his head and shoots himself, with the bullet later traveling through the other Eminem‘s head as well.

Eminem returns to the UK in August to headline V Festival.