Eminem: ‘Selling 80 million copies of ‘Recovery’ would mean nothing’

Slim Shady also discusses 'problems' with previous albums 'Relapse' and 'Encore'

Eminem has claimed selling 80 million copies of his new album ‘Recovery’ would mean nothing if it is not well received by “fans of real hip-hop”.

Slim Shady‘s seventh studio album is on course for Number One today (June 27), which would be his sixth time at the summit of the UK albums chart.

However, the rapper – real name Marshall Mathers – told Billboard: “I could sell 80 million records in the first week, and if my peers or fans of real hip-hop didn’t like it, it really wouldn’t mean anything.”

He also discussed the problems with his previous two records, revealing that he was “pretty much in full-blown addiction” while recording ‘Encore’.

“As far as ‘Relapse’, when I first got sober I got really happy because I was not a prisoner of addiction any more, so life was brand new to me. I was like, ‘Shit, man, trees are beautiful again. What a nice day it is,'” Mathers said.

“I don’t think I was paying attention to what the average listener might like or not like.”

Eminem has previously revealed he felt like “Bugs Bunny” while receiving treatment for his prescription pill addition.