Eminem announces ‘Relapse: Refill’ album featuring five unreleased songs

New tracks released to 'tide fans over until the release of 'Relapse 2'', he says

Eminem has announced that he is to release an expanded version of his ‘Relapse’ album, featuring seven bonus tracks.

Of the seven bonus tracks on ‘Relapse: Refill’ five have never been released before. ‘Taking My Ball’, which was previously released on the ‘DJ Hero’ game, and the single ‘Forever’ also feature.

‘Relapse: Refill’ is released on December 21, and the rapper says he wants it to “tide fans over” until the release of his ‘Relapse 2’, according to a post on Eminem.com.


“I want to deliver more material for the fans this year like I originally planned,” Eminem said. “Hopefully these tracks on the ‘Refill’ will tide the fans over until we put out ‘Relapse 2’ next year.”

Speaking of ‘Relapse 2’, Eminem went on to say that he’s recently been in the studio with Dr Dre and Just Blaze.

“I got back in with Dre and then a few more producers, including Just Blaze, and went in a completely different direction which made me start from scratch,” he said. “The new tracks started to sound very different than the tracks I originally intended to be on ‘Relapse 2’, but I still want the other stuff [‘Relapse: Refill’] to be heard.”

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