Eminem collaborates with Rihanna and Pink on new album

Rapper says he's 'always respected' Pink as an artist

Eminem has confirmed his new album ‘Recovery’ features collaborations with Rihanna and Pink.

Speaking about the album, which is released on June 21, the rapper talked about new track ‘Won’t Back Down’, which he collaborated on with Pink.

“When we did the track I heard her on it and knew vocally she’d smash it,” Eminem told BBC Radio 1, adding that he’s “always respected” Pink as an artist.

Of Rihanna, who features on ‘Love The Way You Lie’, he said: “The same thing with Rihanna [as Pink],” he said. “It would be more special with her on it.”

Eminem is set to headline T In The Park on July 9-11.