Eminem makes rare appearance to honour Run-DMC

Rappers inducted into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Metallica and Jeff Beck

Eminem returned to the limelight on Saturday (April 4), when he inducted Run-DMC into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The rapper, who is preparing to release his comeback album ‘Relapse’ on May 17, dressed in tribute to Run-DMC by wearing a trademark leather jacket and black fedora at the Cleveland event.

As he came onstage, Eminem also crossed his arms in a pose familiar to that struck by Run-DMC. In his speech, he compared them to The Beatles.


“There’s three of them, and if you grew up on hip-hop like I did, they are The Beatles,” said Eminem.

The band’s surviving members Run and DMC declined to perform at the event, sticking to the promise they made after their DJ Jam-Master Jay was murdered in 2002.

Run-DMC are only the second rap group to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame, behind Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five.

Other inductees at this year’s ceremony included Metallica, Jeff Beck, Bobby Womack and Wanda Jackson.

Metallica were inducted by Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea.

“They did more to bring people together than any other peace and love band ever did,” he said, reports The Guardian.


The band then played ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Enter Sandman’, with each performance featuring current bassist Rob Trujillo playing alongside ex-bassist Jason Newsted. The band’s first bassist, Cliff Burton, who died in a horrific bus crash while on tour with the band in 1986, was represented by his father.

Jeff Beck was also inducted into the Hall Of Fame, introduced by his former Yardbirds bandmate, Led Zeppelin‘s Jimmy Page.


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