New Eminem album ‘weeks’ away from completion

A release for 'Relapse' should be revealed soon

The release date for Eminem‘s forthcoming new album, ‘Relapse’, is set to be confirmed within “weeks”, the star’s pal 50 Cent has confirmed.

The follow-up to 2004’s ‘Encore’ is currently being mixed by the rapper and Dr Dre.

50 Cent, who raps on the album, also told that he is a prominent voice on the forthcoming LP.

“His [Eminem] new album is almost actually done,” he said. “I went to Detroit to mix my song ‘I Get It In’ [set for 50 Cent‘s forthcoming album ‘Before I Self-Destruct’] with Dr DreEminem is currently mixing his album right now.

“It won’t be more than maybe two weeks before they start trying to figure out when they will start scheduling the release of his actual project.”

When asked if he appears prominently on the album, the rapper added, “Of course! I will be all over the record, you kidding me? You think I won’t take advantage of the opportunity for everybody to look at me and listen to me. Yes I will!”

‘Crack A Bottle’, the likely first single from ‘Relapse’, appeared on the internet earlier this month.