Eminem and 50 Cent to face off on ‘Relapse 2’ album

Em to re-visit 'Guilty Conscience' with Fiddy

Eminem and 50 Cent ‘face off’ on a new song set for Eminem‘s forthcoming ‘Relapse 2’ album, the rapper has revealed.

Marshall Mathers told his radio station Shade 45 that the battle-style song would echo ‘Guilty Conscience’ – the 1999 song he released with Dre Dre. He did not reveal the name of the track.

“We’ve kind of done it [rap face-offs] on other records, but not like to the extent on this one,” he explained.

Eminem went on to say that ‘Relapse 2’, the follow up to ‘Relapse’, released earlier this year, would see him utilising producers beyond his usual collaborator Dre.

“The way that it is going right now, Denaun [aka D12 rapper/producer Kon Artis] has two tracks on the album, and [New Jersey producer] Just Blaze has four, possibly five.”

Eminem did not reveal when the album would be released, saying he wouldn’t tour until it was out. He did, however, say that one song “from the ‘Relapse’ batch would appear on the forthcoming ‘DJ Hero’ video game.