‘The Wire”s McNulty appears on new Eminem album

Dominic West acts as Marshall Mathers' doctor on 'Relapse'

‘The Wire’ actor Dominic West, who plays detective Jimmy McNulty in the US TV series, makes a cameo appearance on Eminem‘s new album ‘Relapse’.

The Sheffield actor plays the part of a doctor discharging the rapper from a rehab clinic in the opening skit on the album, ‘Dr West’.

In the skit West doesn’t prove a particularly helpful aid to Eminem. He advises him in the fictional skit to “take a drink” to “take the edge off” if he finds himself tempted by booze following his recovery from alcoholism.

News of West‘s cameo on the album spread after ‘Relapse’ leaked online.

The album is set for official release on May 17.

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