You should be able to spot it - it's covered in pics of Britney Spears...

EMINEM has offered a cash reward for the safe return of a lyric book covered with pictures of BRITNEY SPEARS, which has been lost or stolen in the US.

According to US reports this morning (November 2), the controversial rapper lost the notebook while travelling from Cincinnati to New Orleans last Friday (October 27) by plane.

The book contained possible lyrics for Eminem’s future material, and a “very generous” reward is being offered for its safe return. The rapper also lost a personal CD player and headphones from the bag.


Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the book, should e-mail:

In other Eminem news, [url=] reports that a group of students at the University Of Illinois in Champaign have complained to their lecturers, asking that his show, alongside Limp Bizkit as part of the Anger Management tour, be cancelled this evening (November 2).

The students believe that be allowing Eminem to perform, the university’s policy on discrimination will be breached. One of the aggrieved students, Nick Sakurai said: “I believe this concert is an explicit form of harassment. This is the university profiting from hate masqueraded as entertainment.”

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