‘Eminem is excited again’

Rapper speaks in new interview tonight (October 20)

Zane Lowe has described Eminem as “refreshed and re-energised” after his world exclusive audience with the rapper.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ was granted an interview with the reclusive rapper readies his comeback album ‘Relapse’.

The full interview will be broadcast on the station at 7pm (BST) tonight (October 20) on BBC Radio 1.


During the interview – in which the pair discuss the album, Eminem‘s feelings after the death of close friend Proof, his relationship with Dr Dre and the forthcoming US election – Lowe reckons he noticed a new calm about the star.

“He just sounded excited again,” said Lowe. “That was what was exciting for me, he didn’t sound jaded at all, he sounded fresh.”

Lowe believes that the rapper is not chasing the same kind of all-encompassing recognition that marked the first stage of his career.

“I think he has no desire to be that guy and be as big as he was,” he said. “If that happens it happens, but his desire is to just make a really great rap record.

“He’s gone back and regrouped, re-energised got his priorities right, spent time with his family, dealt with the passing of his friend and reset.

Lowe confirmed that ‘Relapse’ will be almost exclusively produced by Dr Dre, and that the pair have been in the studio for five months solid.


Check back at 9pm tonight to find out what the Eminem had to say about his forthcoming new album and his view on the forthcoming US election.

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