Eminem’s ‘crying like a little girl’

Ex-wife breaks silence despite truce

The truce in the war of words reached on Monday (March 26) between Eminem and his ex-wife has been broken after just one day.

The pair agreed in court that they would not talk about each other in public to protect their 11-year-old daughter Hailie.

However the rapper’s ex-wife Kim Mathers then appeared on New York radio station Hot 97 on Tuesday (March 27), according to Allhiphop.com.

Mathers said on the Miss Jones morning show: “How many interviews has he done where he’s talking about freedom of speech? I do a couple of interviews and he’s crying like a little girl.”

She also accused the 34-year-old rapper of being “disconnected from reality” during the interview, and revealed that she had no contact with him despite living only a short distance away.

Asked about the possibility of the two reconciling their differences, Mathers said: “We don’t work good together. It’s not good for the kids.”

Representatives for Eminem have refused to comment.