The star makes fun of his high-profile persona in the new D-12 promo - which he directed...

EMINEM satirises his own celebrity status in the new video from his crew D-12.

The video for ‘My Band’ sees Marshall Mathers satirise the fact that, for all that he stresses the fact that he is simply a member of a collective, he is inevitably the most high-profile member of the group.

According to MTV, the video sees Eminem take the role of the egocentric singer of a rock band who revels in the trappings of celebrity without involving his bandmates.

He said of the video: “You know, one day I was just in this silly-ass mood… where I was kinda slap-happy. (I decided to act like) I’m the lead singer here and I’m going to get the chicks. I was probably annoying the fuck out of them, but it ended up becoming a song.”

And clearly revelling in a break from the hard-hitting content of his solo work, Eminem also parodies the extended family of his Shady Records empire. Kingsize D-12 member Bizarre is seen parodying the heavy-going workout endured by [a][/a] in the ‘In Da Club’ video – hanging upside-down in a gym, haplessly trying to get into shape.

Eminem produced ‘My Band’ and directed its video. The track is taken from the forthcoming album ‘D-12 World’, out March 26.