The superstar rapper gets political in New York…

EMINEM made a rare live appearance at a secret gig in NEW YORK last night.

Eminem walked onstage at New York’s Roseland Ballroom (October 28) wearing a dark blue suit, white collared shirt, red tie, and a pair of pink fuzzy bunny rabbit slippers.

The 2,500 capacity venue was decked out like a patriotic prom complete with swanky cheese plates and an open bar in the VIP section, and ‘Shady National Convention’ signs, buttons and bumper stickers on hand for everyone else.


The performance was a poorly kept secret, and most of the fans who received tickets seem to have won them off a local radio station, who broadcast the performance live.

The event was attended by U2 singer Bono, who wore a cowboy hat, and a collection of hip-hop names like Redman, Obie Trice, many of whom made guest appearances on stage.

The event began as a mock convention speech with Donald Trump introducing Marshall Mathers, who stepped up to a podium and explained his desire to run for office.

“I’ve witnessed the political rhetoric in this country – did I pronounce that word right? Rhetoric?” he asked jokingly, adding “So I’ve created my own party, the Shady party” which caused an eruption of applause.

Then the stage set changed, and the show began. Eminem opened with new the politically charged new song ‘Mosh’, performed while the stunning new animated video for the song played on a giant screen behind him.

Over 20 different tracks were performed by Eminem and his guests which included D12, Busta Rhymes, Proof, Obie Trice and [/a], among others.


Eminem performed tracks off his older records, like ‘Kill You’, but stuck primarily to his new record, and to his friends’ material like [a]’s hit singles ‘How Come’, and ‘My Band’, and [/a]’s forever catchy ‘In Da Club’.

Eminem closed with the first single off his new record, ‘Just Lose It’, which he introduced by saying: “My whole career has been based on controversy…my motto in 2004 is if you can’t take a motherfucking joke, then beat it” – a reference to the uproar surrounding the video for the song, in which Eminem mocks [a].

‘Encore’ is released on November 15 in the UK, and despite attempts to keep the tracklisting secret due to fears over file-sharing, it has been published.

The tracklisting runs:

‘Curtains Up – Encore version’

‘Evil Deeds’

‘Never Enough’

‘Yellow Brick Road’

‘Like Toy Soldiers’



‘My 1st Single’

‘Paul’ (skit)

‘Rain Man’

‘Big Weenie’

‘Em Calls Paul’ (skit)

‘Just Lose It’

‘Ass Like That’

‘Spend Some Time’


‘Crazy In Love’

‘One Shot 2 Shot’

‘Final Thought’ (skit)

‘Encore/Curtains Down’

You can see the video for ’Mosh’ on NME.COM now – [url=]click here to watch it.