The Source magazine had planned to give away the controversial track on a compilation CD...

EMINEM has been granted an injunction against hip-hop magazine THE SOURCE, blocking the publication from releasing a CD containing controversial early material from the rapper.

Attorneys for Eminem and his Shady Records label filed the injunction papers in Manhattan on Monday (December 15), citing copyright infringement, according to MTV News.

As previously reported on NME.COM, a tape of the rapper’s early work found him branded a racist by The Source last month.

Recorded over ten years ago, the tape in question was played at a press conference (November 18), where the track, featuring rhymes disparaging black women, was heard.

In a statement to the American press, Eminem said the song “in no way represents who I was then or who I am today”.

He added: “So while I think common sense tells you not to judge a man by what he may have said when he was a boy, I will say it straight up: I am sorry I said those things when I was 16. And I don’t want to let anybody turn this into an opportunity to promote their own bullshit agenda.”

The Source had planned to release the track on a compilation CD to be given away with the February issue, due out on US news-stands on January 13.