A British company is ordered to hand a domain name back to the star...

EMINEM has won a legal ‘cybersquatting’ case against a British firm who used his name without his permission. has been selling ringtones and picture messages using the rap star’s trademark, but has been ordered to hand the domain name back to Eminem , real name Marshall Mathers, within ten days, despite the fact that a disclaimer appears on the site.

The case was settled by the UN’s World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).Madonna, [a][/a] and Robbie Williams have all used the organisation, for its low-cost and fast procedure, reports Reuters.

Arbitrator Nelson Landry ruled that Tim Mcintosh and Visitair had bought the domain name in bad faith.

Eminem was involved in another legal battle earlier in the year, amid claims computer giant Apple used the rapper’s hit ‘Lose Yourself’ without his permission on an advert.