No action will be taken over the lyric to a song that's appeared online...

EMINEM will not have a US SECRET SERVICE investigation launched against him, following the discovery of a song by the rapper called ‘WE ARE AMERICAN’.

Recent reports revealed that the track had surfaced on the internet and featured the lyrics ‘(Fuck) money, I don’t rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see the president dead.’

A spokesperson for the Secret Service had previously said that they were aware of the lyric and were working out “what action, if any, will taken,” in relation to whether it posed a threat to George Bush.

Spokesman John Gill said it was “concerned about communications that can be interpreted in a manner perhaps not intended by the artist.”

BBC news reports that yesterday (December 8) Gill said: “The Secret Service has no current plans to open an investigation into this matter.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, ‘We Are American’ doesn’t make any direct reference to George Bush, and the term ‘Dead Presidents’ is often a reference to money because various Presidents appear on American bank notes.