An investigation is underway to work out the meaning of a lyric that's surfaced online...

EMINEM is said to be the subject of a secret service probe into whether a lyric is a threat to president GEORGE BUSH.

A song under the rapper’s name titled ’We Are American’ has surfaced on the internet, and features the lyric [I]”(Fuck) money, I don’t rap for dead presidents. I’d rather see the president dead”, CNN reports.

Eminem’s US press officer said the song is either “lost or stolen”, and not ready for release.

Nonetheless, a spokesperson for the secret service said that they are aware of the lyric, and working out “what action, if any, will be taken.”

The song doesn’t make any direct reference to George Bush, and the term ‘Dead Presidents’ is often a reference to money because various Presidents appear on American bank notes.