D-12 rapper killed in Detroit

Proof was shot dead in the early hours of this morning

D-12 star Proof has been shot and killed outside a Detroit nightclub.

The rap star, whose real name is Deshaun Holton, was one of two men shot outside the 3C club on Eight Mile Road in the early hours of this morning.

The 32-year-old suffered gunshot wounds to the head and was taken to the nearby Conner Creek Medical Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Proof was a close friend of Eminem, and was recently the rapper’s best man when he re-married Kim Mathers in January.

The star also had a bit role in Eminem’s box office smash ‘8 Mile’.

There are conflicting reports over the condition of the second man, who was also shot in the head.

Police were called out to the shootings in the early hours after reports of a fight and gunshots fired.

A UK spokesperson for the rapper is currently unable to confirm the details of the incident.