David Pallister, 18, had been listening to D-12's 'Fight Music' before killing...

An 18-year-old from SOUTH SHIELDS, who had repeatedly listened to the D-12 track ‘FIGHT MUSIC’ before battering a homeless man to death on the promenade of the town, has been sentenced to life in prison.

David Pallister, 18, had previously pleaded guilty to murdering 47-year-old Richard Jones, who was found dead in a seaside shelter on New Year’s Day 2002.

Pallister, who was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday (January 24) by Mr Justice Hooper, had repeatedly listened to ‘Fight Music’, the BBC reports. Prosecutor Toby Hedworth QC, told the court that Pallister’s former housemate Kelly Percival told police the accused frequently listened to it, and forensic psychiatrist Dr Kim Fraser testified that, as well as including sexual references, there was a “great deal” of violence in the lyrics. Pallister had told Dr Fraser that, after the murder, he had “tried to ignore” the lyrics.


Pallister had repeatedly kicked and stamped on Mr Jones’ head, causing fatal brain damage.

Questioned by defence David Robson QC, Dr Fraser told the court that “for reasons best known to themselves,” a large proportion of young people are fans of D-12 associate Eminem, and there was nothing “unusual or suspect” about listening to his music.

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