The Reverend Fred Nile joins the baiting of the rapper as he prepares to enter the country for two shows later this month...

The controversy surrounding EMINEM‘s forthcoming visit to AUSTRALIA continues to grow with an MP declaring him a “preacher of hate”.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Eminem plans to visit the country later this month to perform a handful of live dates. His trip has caused controversy since its announcement, with family groups campaigning to have his entry visa blocked.

Now, speaking in an interview with Australian publication The Age, MP Reverend Fred Nile backed the campaign to stop his entry into the country.

He said: “I call him a preacher of hate… Eminem really is preaching with a musical background. If Adolf Hitler wanted to get an anti-Jewish message across in Australia he could just put it to music and he would be allowed to do it…I don’t believe that his lyrics and thoughts should be going into the minds of impressionable kids.”

Eminem plans to answer back to the Australian authorities at a press conference in the country on July 26.

In addition to today’s comments, the Australian Prime Minister and a Liberal MP Peter Slipper have attacked the controversial rapper, the latter saying he should be locked in a “mental institution and the key thrown away”.

Despite calls from lobby groups such as the Australian Family Association for immigration officials to prevent Eminem and US rap group D12, who he performs with, from entering the country, the immigration minister has indicated that his Visa application, though yet to be received, will probably be processed as normal.

“It will not be decided on the basis of public opinion,” he said.

Eminem will perform at the Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Park on July 26 and at the Sydney Superdrome the following night.