8 Mile takes £4 million in its opening weekend...

EMINEM‘s movie debut ‘8 MILE’ has topped the box office charts in the UK after a hugely successful opening weekend.

The rapper, who stars as Jimmy Smith Jr aka Rabbit in the story, which is a semi-autobiographical account of his early days struggling to make his mark on the scene in his native Detroit, has brought to an end the four-week chart-topping run by ‘Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers’.

‘8 Mile’, which also stars Kim Basinger and Mekhi Phifer, took £4 million in its opening weekend (January 17), plus almost £500,000 from paid preview screenings.

The movie’s success in the UK replicates its triumph in Australia and the US, where it enjoyed similarly high box office returns. In Australia, it set records for the biggest January opening day, while in the States it has grossed over $115 million since it opened in November.