It could have been worse - among the public's recommendations were washing the star's mouth out with soap, life in prison, and - the horror - forcing him to write a clean song...

EMINEM was sentenced to one year’s probation and charged $2,300 in fines and court costs at OAKLAND COUNTY COURT, MICHIGAN yesterday (June 28).

The rapper was appearing on charges of pulling a gun during an incident involving an employee of rival rap crew Insane Clown Posse in June last year.

He had pleaded no contest in April to the charges.

He said nothing as Judge Denise Langford Morris chastised him for setting a bad example for his legions of fans. “Mr Mathers, you are a public figure and you are very strongly scrutinised as a public figure,” Langford Morris said.

“I have received a lot of information from the general public as to the sentencing in this case.”

Among the public’s harshest recommendations, according to the judge, were “washing [Eminem‘s] mouth out with soap,” forcing him to write a clean song, and life in prison.

In the end, Langford Morris accepted the court’s recommended sentence of probation.

She also ordered Eminem to perform some type of community service or something that illustrates the artist’s creativity to send a positive message.

Langford Morris said she would not hesitate to send Eminem to prison if he violates his probation. “This is an opportunity for you to set an example for the whole world and all young people,” Langford Morris said. “Finally, mister Mathers, now is the time for you to please stand up.”

Under the terms of his probation, Eminem is allowed to travel freely in the continental United States for work-related purposes.

His attorneys, Walter Piszczatowski and Howard Hertz, said reports that the artist may be contemplating a move outside of the United States are false.