Opinion is divided on 'Without Me'...

The new EMINEM

single has split first-time listeners.

Just over 52% of those who have contacted NME.COM since it was broadcast loved ’Without Me’, while around 48% hated it.

James Descombes of West Sussex said: “It is excellent. If you like Eminem

you will not be dissapointed [sic]… The last two

debut singles from his last two solo albums – ‘My Name Is’ and ‘The Real

Slim Shady’ have not been representative of the whole album and ‘Without Me’ is a lot better than either of them. The single sounds similar to ‘Purple Pills’ which was one of the highlights of D-12’s ‘Devils Night’.”

Debbie Smicer was even more enthusiastic. “It’s brilliant, truly brilliant,” she said. “He is the best thing since Presley, really he is. I love it.”

However, Roger Adams was more succinct with his disapproval. “It’s shite, fucking shite,” he said while Joe Cream added: “The new Eminem

single is shit. It’s just ‘Purple Pills’ speeded up. Big wow.”