'Without Me' takes a look at the rapper's own celebrity - and takes pot shots at the likes of Moby and Dick Cheney...

The new Eminem single ‘WITHOUT ME’ has had its world exclusive on BBC RADIO 1 in the UK within the last few minutes.

The track, which pulls more in make up from the bouncing, disco-style of Eminem‘s D-12 group than the rapper’s own solo material, sees him looking at his own celebrity.

The chorus runs: “This looks like a job for me/So everybody just follow me/cause we need a little controversy/cause it feels so empty without me.”

Eminem also takes pot-shots at a series of names, including the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), who regulate radio and had attempted to fine a station for playing an Eminem track, even after it had been deemed suitable for broadcast. He also takes pot shots atMoby, who he accuses of being too old and past it, US vice President Dick Cheney and Prince. He also drops in a line saying: “I’m interesting/the best thing since Presley.”

The track is released on May 20.

What do you think of ‘Without Me’? Is it a winner? Is it a blistering return to fame or has the balloon burst?

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