Fearful of internet leaks and bootlegging, the 'The Eminem Show' will stay a secret until its release date, June 3...

EMINEM’s comeback ‘THE EMINEM SHOW’ is being kept under the tightest security of any album ever made, NME.COM can reveal.

Only a handful of people at the rapper’s own record label, Shady Records, have heard the record, despite the fact it is only weeks away from its June 3 release. The single ‘Without Me’ is out on May 20.

In the UK, NME.COM has learned that a copy of ‘The Eminem Show’ does not even exist in the Universal records building. The tight levels of security are to prevent the internet leaks, which have dogged the Oasis album, as well as the problem of bootlegging which often affects hip-hop albums in the US.

Copies of ‘The Eminem Show’ will not even be sent to music writers until the day of its release on June 3. Even trusted hip-hop journalists in the US have been denied access to the album.

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