The star's politician-baiting causes a huge storm...


has found himself at the centre of legal row regarding footage of US senators that he’s showing on his ANGER MANAGEMENT tour.

As reported previously in the NME (August 3), Eminem

has used his shows as a platform to strike back at his fiercest critics in government. Among the campaigners featured in the warm-up film for his shows are Lynne Cheney, wife of US vice-president Dick Cheney, who calls Eminem

“despicable… horrible and a violent misogynist”.

Each of the clips used was filmed by C-Span, a Washington-based company who televise the US Senate and House Of Representatives when they are in session. Last week, C-Span got in touch with Eminem to tell him he was using the footage illegally. After days of talks between lawyers, it became clear that a production company hired by Eminem had gained a licence, without explaining that it was for Eminem. It was decided to allow the footage to continue being used.

“We became aware last week that Eminem’s touring show uses C-Span material to introduce the show,” C-Span lawyer Mark Millar told NME.COM. “And we had no record of a licence. So we wrote them a letter to tell them to stop doing that. We got a letter back from Eminem’s touring company attorney alleging that they did have a licence. In fact when we checked our records, they had had a sub-conractor called Switch technologies who had come to us and filed a routine request for a licence without disclosing who their principal was and specifically what they were doing, so we gave them a licence.

“When we learned that was a sub-contractor for Eminem, we told them that we didn’t appreciate the non-disclosure or the apparent deception.”

Millar denied the approach to Eminem had been backed by any of the senators ridiculed, in a bid to strike back at the star.

“Oh no, this has nothing to do with any public figures,” he said. “This has to do with C-Span’s intellectual property rights.”

He added that C-Span would have no problem licensing any more material to Eminem, but if he were to release a live recording of the tour, problems would arise because the original deal struck “dealt only with public performance”.

Other public figures to receive the Eminem once-over include Senators Joe Lieberman, Conrad Burns and Sam Brownback and Dr C DeLores Tucker, Chair of the National Political Congress of Black Women who said Eminem’s records advocate: “incest, sacrilege, rape and sodomy”.