Councillors and residents in an area of Detroit vow to file a lawsuit to prevent the burning of a derelict house...

The row over the burning of a derelict house for a scene in the new Eminem film rumbles on, with city councillors and residents in the HIGHLAND PARK area of DETROIT vowing now to file a lawsuit to prevent it.

Universal Pictures, the company behind the feature, had negotiated with Highland Park a deal that would see them demolish the burned house plus two others once filming was completed, donate $2,000 (£1350) to a local charity and also visit local schools to lecture pupils about the film business.

However, at a city council meeting last week (December 5), councilman Earl O. Wheeler Jr labelled the arson scene “psychological genocide used to reduce our city to subhumans” and councilman Ameenah E.P. Omar ended a rabble rousing speech saying: “Tell your mama, your grandmama and anybody else that, if it sounds like Ameenah Omar is inciting something . . . that’s right.”

However, despite the threat of legal action, it looks certain that the scene will go ahead. A spokesperson for Ramona Henderson Pearson, the city Emergency Financial Manager and woman ultimately responsible for deciding whether or not to green light the project, said after the meeting that a contract with the film company will be signed and the location filming will take place “if they agree to the terms we outlined”, the Detroit News reports.

The film, with a working title of ‘Untitled Detroit Project’ is based loosely on the life of Eminem. Directed by Curtis Hanson, best known as the man behind the film adaptation of ‘LA Confidential’, it also stars Kim Basinger as Eminem‘s mother.