The rapper pays £70,000 damages to a man he allegedly pulled a gun on, after the man kissed his then-wife...

Eminem has settled a lawsuit filed against him by a man he allegedly pulled a gun on, after the man kissed his wife.

The rapper agreed to pay John Guerra the sum of, just under £70,000, in an out-of-court settlement, reports the Detroit Free Press. Guerra had claimed Eminem inflicted intentional and emotional stress on him in a fight outside a bar in June 2000.

Guerra’s lawyer, John Gaber, said his client accepted the payout to avoid a jury trial.

“When you present a case to a jury, God only knows what will happen,” he said. “Typically, mediation means the plaintiff gets less than he wanted and the defendant pays more than he wanted.”

The argument between the two men began June 4, 2000, in the car park of a nightclub in Warren, near Michigan. Eminem saw Guerra kiss his then-wife and then pulled out an unloaded hand gun and allegedly hit Guerra in the face.

Eminem was later sentenced to two years probation for carrying a concealed weapon and ordered to undergo counselling and drug testing.

Neither he nor Guerra have admitted liability or wrongdoing as part of the settlement.