The big hitters show at Russell Simmons' event...

EMINEM, WILL SMITH, JAY-Z and QUEEN LATIFAH are due to attend rap supremo RUSSELL SIMMONS Hiphop Conference in NEW YORK’s HILTON HOTEL today (June 13).

The stars will see the Rev Louis Farrakan, leader of the Nation Of Islam, deliver a keynote address at the event, designed to allow hiphop artists, record executives, politicians and journalists debate and swap ideas about hiphop, its role inside the music industry and its wider social influence.

They follow Puff Daddy, Scarface, Chuck D, Talib Kweli, Luther ‘Luke’ Campbell and the Wu-Tang Clan‘s U-God, who attended yesterday. A number of high profile congressmen also spoke yesterday, the majority of whom dealt with issues around the regulation of hiphop.

One of them, Earl Hilliard pressed for a level of self-regulation, advising the industry to adopt a voluntary ratings system similar to that used in film.

“We do not know the hiphop generation. We do not know the hiphop industry,” he said. “We feel that those who know themselves and those that know the industry can regulate it better.”

Puff Daddy slipped in quietly yesterday and attended a closed door event, rather than the regular debates.