The star's mentor and producer says 'The Eminem Show' "makes the hair crawl on your skin"....

EMINEM‘s new album ‘THE EMINEM SHOW’ will be as shocking as his previous two records, according to his mentor and producer DR DRE

Members of Eminem‘s rap crew [a][/a] had previously said that the longplayer, which is the soundtrack to his forthcoming film ‘8 Mile’, would be less angry than ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ and ‘The Slim Shady LP’.

However, speaking to MTV news in the US, Dre said that although the record, due for release in late May, shows signs of maturity, it’s still “Eminem to the fullest”.

He said: “His album is crazy. I mean, what more can I say? It’s Eminem to the fullest. Everybody that digs the first two albums is gonna love this one.

“I do feel he has matured as a lyricist, but I don’t know if (saying he’s) moving in a different direction is accurate. His stuff is really crazy to me because just when you think, ‘OK, he has run out of stuff to say, he can get no crazier than this,’ something comes out of his face that gives you chills or something. Makes the hair crawl on your skin. So I think the shock value of Eminem is definitely gonna still be there, but it’s just getting better.”

The first single from the album is rumoured to be the Eminem produced ‘Without Me’. A video is to be shot in the next week. Other working song titles are said to include ‘Die Tonight’, ‘We Hate Our Label’ and ‘Sold Our Soul’.

Dre continued: “His production skills are getting really nice. I think there is one song that has Nate Dogg on it, but most of the album is just him. He’s singing a lot. He’s singing and doing a lot of his own choruses and harmonies. The whole nine yards.”

The album may also feature a guest appearance from Rakim, although this is currently unconfirmed.