But first the rapper has to decide which movie role to accept next...

EMINEM will play several major shows in Britain next summer – but first the rapper has to decide which movie role to accept next.

The star, currently one of the biggest cinema draws in the world and also enjoying major chart success with his second album of the year – the soundtrack to ‘8 Mile’ – will play in Britain next June.

An Eminem insider told NME.COM that negotiations were ongoing to secure the shows, and that when they happen “they’ll be huge”. NME.COM understands that the Milton Keynes Bowl is a one of the likely venues for the shows.


Meanwhile, Eminem has been deluged with film scripts following his success in ‘8 Mile’, and the rapper now looks set to take more acting jobs – going back on his claim that he did not want to make any more films. With Eminem tipped for an Oscar for his role as Rabbit, his management team are now trying to make sure he takes the right role for his film career.

Eminem commented: “It’s funny, because getting an Oscar is something that I’ve never aspired to or even really wanted. I wouldn’t have thought down those lines because all that mattered to me was the rap music.”

He added: “Now that I’ve had a taste of the movie business, I want some more. If I’m going to do anything in the movie business again, I want to do something completely different. I would love to play a comedy character or something. People wouldn’t expect that of me.”

‘8 Mile’ is released in the UK early next year.

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