The star is forced to appeal for calm at Gig On The Green, but resumes after a 30-minute break...

Eminem‘s headline slot at GLASGOW‘s GIG ON THE GREEN festival last night (August 25) was interrupted for over half an hour as teenage fans were crushed by at the front of the massive crowd.

Following D12‘s cancellation of their afternoon set, Eminem took to the stage with his proteges, but following a series of surges at the front of the arena this set came to a halt after 15 minutes. The entire show was then halted for 30 minutes as the authorities tried to make the area safe.

A helicopter illuminated the crowd (by this time it was after 10pm) to aid the recovery of the injured. Eminem periodically pleaded with crowd for calm, at one point saying, “Chill the fuck out if you want to see the show… they won’t let me play if you don’t move back.”

Eventually order was restored and Eminem came back onstage to perform a version of ‘Stan’ with the audience providing Dido‘s vocal part. Eminem said: “The chick that usually sings on this isn’t with me tonight”.

In all, 34 people were treated in first aid with 7 transferred to hospital, which stated that none were serious, describing them as the “walking wounded”.

Organisers pointed out that the casualty figures were similar to the numbers that might be expected from a large arena gig, and hoped that they wouldn’t be blown out of proportion simply because of the artists playing, adding that “they (the stewards and security) did exactly the right thing by delaying the show”.

Marilyn Manson didn’t come onstage in the much-predicted link-up with Eminem although whether this was under police advice isn’t clear.

Manson, who earlier emerged to the strains of ‘God Bless America’, dedicated ‘The Fight Song’ to Glasgow schoolgirl Nicola Raphael, who committed suicide two months ago. Holding up a picture of the teenager he said how “she couldn’t be here today… she was beaten up every day till she couldn’t take it any more and killed herself.” He also met with Nicola‘s mother Rona before going onstage.

The teenager was a Manson fan, whose suicide sparked a debate in the Scottish media about goth culture and bullying.

Outside, around 80 Christian protesters including Mormons, Baptists and the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group, gathered outside waving banners stating “Our God is Better than your Satan, Mr Manson“.