The punishment is meted out to KKMG-FMafter they broadcast an edited version of 'The Real Slim Shady'...

A radio station in the US has been fined $7,000 for playing EMINEM‘s ‘THE REAL SLIM SHADY’, even though the tune had been edited for broadcast.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) slapped the fine on KKMG-FM of Colorado Springs because, it said, the station had be censured despite the edit, because of the tone of the tune.

“The edited version of the song contains unmistakable offensive sexual references. In this regard, portions of the lyrics contain sexual references in conjunction with sexual expletives that appear intended to pander and shock,” they said in a statement.

Two months ago, the FCC issued new guidelines to be used when determining what is obscene and what is decent and made it clear that innuendo was a factor, even if specific expletives were missing.

The fine has been roundly condemned. Hilary Rosen, chief of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) told Variety magazine that: “It would be a disgrace if the FCC were to impose a violation on a radio station because they didn’t like the ‘suggestive’ nature of a song. That goes right to the heart of idea-based censorship.”

A spokesperson for Citadel Communications, KKMG-FM’s parent company, said the fine set a dangerous precedent.

“The danger involved is that folks at the station level can’t take comfort in the fact that something labelled ‘radio edit version’ is in compliance with the FCC’s rules,” he said.