The location for 'The Untitled Detroit Project' is chosen to keep the story of a struggling rapper authentic...

EMINEM is filming his new movie in a real-life trailer park, NME can exclusively reveal.

The location for the yet-to-be-titled film, currently known as ‘The Untitled Detroit Project’, was chosen to keep the story of a struggling rapper authentic. The rapper brought a 150-member Universal Studios Pictures crew to the trailer park in south Warren where a fleet of trucks, lifts, racks of lights and junk cars jammed the streets near the trailer park.

Carol McConnaughey, Universal spokesperson for ‘The Untitled Detroit Project’, said approximately 2,500 local residents will be used as extras at various stages during filming, which is scheduled to occur at several locations in and around Detroit through December.

McConnaughey said that Eminem – cast in the role of ‘Jimmy’ – Kim Basinger (Jimmy’s mother), and Brittany Murphy (Jimmy’s girlfriend) had all been on location for the shoot.

McConnaughey added that the budget for the production, directed by Curtis Hanson (‘LA Confidential’), is “nowhere near” the $50 million recently suggested. The script was written by Scott Silver and it is not a biography of Marshall Mathers, though there are similarities.

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