The star gets ready to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit...


is set to appear in a MICHIGAN court next month to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit.

The case revolves around a track called ‘Brain Damage’ from the star’s 1999 debut ‘The Slim Shady LP’. In the song the rapper claims a childhood associate called DeAngelo Bailey teased and beat him frequently at school.

The song includes the lyrics: “I was harassed daily by this fat kid named D’Angelo Bailey/An eighth grader who acted obnoxious cause his father boxes, so everyday he’d shove me in the lockers” and “He banged my head against the urinal ’til he broke my nose, soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat.”

According to RapNews Bailey, now 32 and working as a sanitation engineer, is claiming defamation of character and is seeking over $1 million dollars settlement, claiming that Eminem

did permanent damage to his musical career and caused him anger and embarrassment.

The official lawsuit claims that the rapper’s claimed rough upbringing was fictional, saying: “This style of music is dominated by African-American artists and most of the songs are about the difficulties facing young in ghettos where violence, broken families and financial hardship are prevalent. Eminem

is a Caucasian male who faces criticism within the music industry that he had not suffered… and he therefore was a ‘pretender’.'”

Previous settlements were proposed, but neither party could come to an agreement and attempts settle the case were rejected.

In a 1999 interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem claimed that the song’s lyrics were truthful, saying: “Motherf***er (Bailey) used to beat the shit out of me. Everything in that song is true. One day he came in the bathroom, I was pissing, and he beat this shit out of me. (I) pissed all over myself”.

The case will go to trial May 30 at the Macomb County Circuit Court.