Curtis Hanson, the man behind 'LA Confidential', gets behind the camera - while Eminem and Dr Dre concentrate on the music...

Details have emerged of the movie based on EMINEM‘s life, with ‘LA CONFIDENTIAL’ and ‘THE WONDER BOYS’ director CURTIS HANSON signed up to direct it when shooting begins in the autumn.

The script for the as-yet-untitled movie has been written by Scott Silver (‘The Mod Squad’) and a spokesperson for Universal toldDr Dre and Eminem are both confirmed to be writing the soundtrack for the film, which will be released next year.

The project has been in gestation for some time, with Eminem and director Brian Grazer in ongoing discussions about the film, which is semi-autobiographical, depicting an aspiring white rapper growing up in a predominately black neighbourhood in Detroit, and was described by the Universal spokesperson as “provocative story of a young man’s search for his identity and sense of purpose. Through his music he learns to express his anger and frustration as he struggles to transcend his bleak circumstances.”

Hanson won an Oscar in 1998 for his LA Confidential screenplay, as well as being nominated as Best Director for the same movie.

Eminem and Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre are also expected to make cameos in a new comedy called ‘The Wash’.