However, Australian family groups are already saying that they are opposed to any appearance from Mr Mathers...

EMINEM is reported to be planning a tour of Australia for August, and already family groups have said they would support a ban on him entering the country.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, a number of concert promoters are bidding to bring the controversial rapper to Australia for shows in September.

Although no dates have yet been confirmed, the Australian Family Association (AFA), an organisation who aim to raise awareness of family issues, would oppose the shows.

National secretary Bill Muehlenberg said: “We’d support a ban if the Government was interested in going down that road.

“Most groups have tended to be offended by his lyrics, including women’s groups, gay groups and black groups. He’s been consistent in that regard. He’s an equal opportunity offender, I guess.”

To enter the country, Eminem would have to apply for a visa, which would not necessarily be accepted, as criminal convictions are often cited as a reason for non-admission into the country.