Esham claims he was beaten up by a 40-strong mob - and that Eminem ordered the hit...

A DETROIT rapper has accused EMINEM of ordering a hit on him.

The incident occurred in Camden, New Jersey, during the Vans Warped Tour.

Esham alleges that a 40-strong mob, including D12 members, launched the attack backstage, kicking and throwing rocks at him. TNT, another rapper, suffered bruises and cuts, while Esham suffered a broken nose, a ruptured eyeball, concussion and hearing damage to his left eardrum.

D12 have been kicked off the Warped tour. Esham, TNT, and Mastamind, who perform under the name Natas, have also been forced to leave.

In a statement, D12 said: “An incident occurred backstage at the Warped Tour, spurred by D12’s concern for the safety of their guests. Both D12 and the other party involved have been asked to leave the tour. Eminem was home in Detroit and not on tour with D12 when the incident took place.”

Esham is now recuperating in Detroit and his spokesman confirmed that he would press charges. Esham told Billboard: “Mathers gave the word. He didn’t even show up for the tour. That’s how premeditated this was. This was a straight-up attempted murder on my life. I could have been dead.”

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