The Purple Ford Mustang can be yours...

A car once owned by Eminem is up for sale on the online auction website eBAY.

The 1999 purple Ford Mustang LX Convertible is being sold by a member of staff of Russ Milne Ford Dealership in Macomb, Michigan, who took the car from the rapper as part of a trade-in.

The car, which is described as “one of a kind”, was new when Eminem bought it. Originally the car was red, but its colour was changed to this otherwise unavailable purple on Eminem‘s instructions.

The dealership employee’s auction listing sadly fails to employ the “one careful owner” cliché, perhaps in cognisance of the rap star’s on-record driving habits.

The two-door car has 16,000 miles on the clock and is in immaculate condition save for a slight dent in the front bumper below the left headlight. The dealership says they have “all paperwork proving ownership of the vehicle to Marshall Mathers”.

The dealership says that anything over what they feel represents a fair market value for the car – $17,000 – will be donated to charity. At the time this story was published on NME.COM, the price had reached $18,400.

The auction ends at just after 5pm GMT on Monday July 8.