Curtis Hanson says the star gave "total commitment" and "respect" to his first movie role...

‘8 MILE’ director CURTIS HANSON has spoken of the ” total commitment” and “respect” EMINEM gave in his first film role.

The 57-year-old director, Hanson, who has previously worked on films including ‘Wonder Boys’ and ‘LA Confidential’, asked Eminem to perform in ‘8 Mile’, which is released in the UK next year.

“He’s a very hard guy to read so I couldn’t tell whether we were connecting or you know anything like that, and I said to him after about an hour and a half: ‘Do you think you’d do a movie with me?'”, he told BBC News. “He just said ‘Yeah’, and I thought does he mean that? Usually, in Hollywood, there’s more dialogue going on but I trusted it and a year and a half later we had a script that we had worked on together and started shooting it.”

However, Eminemkept to his word, and took the part of Jimmy Smith Junior. Hanson said that despite having no acting experience, he took to the project.

He added: “He responded to me in a way that one hopes every actor will. Truthfully, it was different with him because he’d never done it before. But he gave me what I would call total commitment, respect and honoured the story that we were both there to tell, from beginning to end.”