The star's pals in D-12 say 'The Eminem Show' shows elements of 'maturity'...

Eminem is moving in a more light-hearted direction on forthcoming new album ‘THE EMINEM SHOW’, according to his friends in D-12.

The rapper will also be showing elements of “maturity” reflecting his fame, D-12 member Proof has said. He also revealed that track titles on the album include ‘Die Tonight’, ‘We Hate Our Label’ and ‘Sold Our Soul’.

“It’s not that angry, and it shouldn’t be, ’cause he’d be fake,” he told MTV.COM. “If he’s still talking the same shit, what would be the maturity in it? If he’s talking [about how] he’s broke or wants to kill everybody, [that won’t work anymore.] He’s happy now. The muthafucker got some money. He can’t keep saying the same shit.”

Proof added that Eminem found him a small part in his upcoming semi-autobiographical film, ‘8 Mile’.

“I’m in the movie where I slayEminem,” he said. “I slay him for real, I’ll slay him in the movie. What? It’s not even acting. Nah, I play a character that defeatsEminem. I just rap, a little cameo of me kicking my rhyme.”

‘The Eminem Show’, produced byDr Dre, is due for release in April.