A council committee takes just five minuted to reach their decision...

EMINEM and MARILYN MANSON have been granted licence to perform at the GLASGOW GIG ON THE GREEN festival later this month during a city council hearing this morning (August 8), despite ongoing protests.

Following a 20-minute hearing at city chambers, the committee took just five minutes to come to their decision to allow the show to go ahead.

The festival had previously been in some doubt after the Licencing Court took the unusual step of asking to see sample lyrics from both artists before considering whether or not to grant a licence for the two days – due for August Bank Holiday weekend. And a group calling themselves the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group had promised to picket the hearing and take steps to prevent Eminem and Manson from appearing. Also, a mother of one of those killed in the Columbine High School tragedy called this morning for people to boycott Manson.

During the hearing opposition to the pair’s appearance came from Councillor Gordon MacDairmid. He described Eminemas “clever but obnoxious” and recalled the spectre of Columbine saying he couldn’t have it on his conscience if something similar happened “to young people at the concert” because of Marilyn Manson.

The mooted picket from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group did not appear, though three members, while refusing to comment about the decision, did tell NME.COM they would hold a peaceful prayer protest in Glasgow George Square on August 25, the day Manson and Eminem will perform.

Barry White, a co-promoter of the Gig On The Green, expressed delight at the outcome of the hearing.

“It is the first time in 25 years of promoting gigs that I have been asked to supply lyrics of an artist to the Licencing Court. I’m absolutely delighted that confidence in the common sense of the people of Scotland has been upheld,” he said.