The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group launch a petition to stop the controversial pair from appearing at the Gig On The Green bash...

A religious group in SCOTLAND are campaigning to prevent MARILYN MANSON

and EMINEM from performing at the forthcoming GIG ON THE GREEN FESTIVAL.

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group have launched a petition (July 31) requesting both be removed from the bill of the Scottish festival, which the pair are due to appear at on August 25, according to this morning’s Daily Record newspaper (August 1).

Speaking about the campaign, a group spokesperson said: “We find the violent lyrics of Eminem and the disgusting stage show of Marilyn Manson

totally unacceptable”.

NME.COM has obtained a copy of a leaflet handed out in Scotland asking for support in a campaign to remove the stars from the bill.

In part, it reads: “Eminem has become increasingly popular with our youngsters, with his violent and often disgusting lyrics, while our youngsters have become increasingly rebellious and aggressive. Surely it is the responsibility of all adults to prevent the promotion and glamourisation of such behaviour….

“It would be bad enough to have this duo perform in a concert with an over-18 age limit, but to allow our young children and teenagers to be exposed to such acts is completely unacceptable.”

The letter further goes on to describe Manson – who was raised a Catholic – as “a totally committed member of the Church of Satan” and claims that his stage show involves “sadistic messages, violent sex acts and self mutilation”.

The religious group have indicated that they plan to hold a peaceful prayer protest in the city on the day of the festival.

A spokesperson for Manson told NME.COM that he was unconcerned at the campaign.

He said: “We’ve had no contact from any campaigners and the news reports are the first we’ve heard of this. As far as we are concerned he ( Manson) is going to play. He has dealt with far worse protests than this in the past.”

Protests and controversy follow Manson and Eminem across the globe. Most recently, Eminem‘s debut Australian tour was accompanied by protests from MPs and family support groups, while religious groups are common at Manson shows.

Eminem and Marilyn Manson are both due to appear at the Carling Weekend Festivals in Reading and Leeds the same weekend (August 24-26). However, a spokesperson for the event said that he was unaware of similar campaigns in these cities.