The star claims elaborate security measures prevented the album from falling into the wrong hands - despite the widespread Internet leak...

Eminem claims that he beat the bootleggers with elaborate security measures surrounding ‘THE EMINEM SHOW’ – despite the widespread Internet leak.

The album was circulating widely on the web in the fortnight prior to its release, and the date was brought forward by a week due to the bootlegging. But despite this, the rapper believes his own security regime for ‘The Eminem Show’ prevented the album leaking months in advance.

Speaking to Tim Westwood on BBC Radio 1, Eminem joked: “Seriously, the album sucks – please don’t buy it. Just get it off the Internet like my little brother does.”


But he explained that, due to an elaborate security regime, not even his manager had an early copy of ’The Eminem Show’.

“Throughout the whole album making process, only I had a copy,” he said. “Nobody at the label, not Paul (Rosenberg, manager), not Proof (from D12), nobody had a copy – only me. That was premeditated and we all agreed it would be that way, just so that if anything happened I was the one to blame. That’s the way we kept it locked down, which is the difference with the D12 album and my last two albums. This time, we kept this shit in my hands.”

Commenting on the early acclaim for the album, Eminem said: “I feel like this probably is my best album so far. This one is personal. I feel like I’ve grown, and in order to survive in this game I’ve had to grow. Everything that happens in my life I’m able to take it and write about it and reflect it. Sometimes I wonder if I need drama in my life in order to make songs and keep writing.”

Eminem also elaborated on his beef with rapper Canibus, who has mocked Eminem with his own character Stan on the ‘C – True Hollywood Stories’ album. On ‘Squaredance’, Eminem replied telling Canibus to “jump off my dick and stay off”. Eminem revealed that the beef goes back almost four years when he met Canibus and he was an “asshole”.

Asked about the feud, he said: “Can’o’shit? He’s like on some fag shit. It seems like it’s some queer shit to me. His little ‘Stan lives’, or whatever, barely peeked my radar. Hopefully he’ll do something better to get my attention. No matter how big I get or whatever happens in this game, I’ve always got my ear to the street. If somebody – big, small, it doesn’t matter – if you’re an MC and you mention my name in the wrong way and you draw first blood, I’m going to come back at you.”

Despite the instant success of the album, Eminem claimed that he still represents “white trash”. He explained: “I still represent the underground and that class of people who can come from nothing and be something.”