The movie starts shooting in the star's Detroit hometown in September...

EMINEM is to commence work on his debut film in DETROIT in September.

The film, which has been given a working title of ‘Untitled Detroit Project’ will begin filming in and around the controversial rapper’s hometown in September, with production starting in the area in early August, according to yesterday’s Detroit Free Press newspaper (July 25).

In addition, it is expected that some of the scenes will be shot in New York.

The plot of the film is loosely based on the life of Eminem, following an up-and-coming rapper through the streets of Detroit to superstardom. Sources are claiming the film could see a summer 2002 release, and may feature a number of new songs by Eminem and Dr Dre.

Eminem is currently in Australia, where he makes his live debut in the country in a few hours time at the Melbourne Arena (July 26).