Jay-Z, Nas and Rakim also appear...

EMINEM has announced the UK release details of the ‘8 MILE’ soundtrack.

‘8 Mile’ is released on October 28 on Shady Records/Interscope. The 16-track CD contains music from and inspired by the motion picture, three brand new recordings from Eminem, as well as new songs from Jay Z, Nas and Rakim.

The first single from ‘8 Mile’ will be Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’, which will be released in the UK on December 2.

In a statement, Eminemsaid: “The ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack was different because it forced me to step into Rabbit, the character I play in the film, and write from his point of view. It was a challenge.

“Also, the project afforded me the opportunity to not only make an album with a wishlist of some of my favourite artists but to showcase what we have coming on Shady Records.”

The tracklisting runs:

Eminem – ‘Lose Yourself’

Eminem – ‘8 Mile’

Eminem – ‘Run Rabbit Run’

Obie Trice/Eminem/50 Cent – ‘Love Me’

50 Cent – ‘Places to Go’

50 Cent – ‘Wanksta’

D-12 – ‘Rap Game’

Nas – ‘You Wanna Be Me’

Jay-Z – ‘8 Miles and Running’

Young Zee – ‘That’s My Nigga Fo Real’

Gang Starr – ‘Battle’

Xzibit – ‘Spitshine’

Macy Gray – ‘Time of Your Life’

Boomkat – ‘Wasting My Time’

Rakim – ‘R.A.K.I.M.’

Obie Trice – ‘Adrenaline Rush’

‘8 Mile’ opens in the UK in early 2003, but will be premiered at the London Film Festival next month.