The superstar rapper contributes to a track called '911'...

EMINEMhas collaborated with the BOO YAA TRIBE on their new album ‘WEST KOASTA NOSTRA’ due out on November 7.

The rapper contributed a rap to the track ‘911’ as well as producing it. A warning call set to the sound of a gun repeatedly firing, Eminem raps, ‘Hip-hop is in a state of 911 – It feels like any minute the bomb is going to go off’ alongside a verse by [/a]’s B-Real.

One of the six Samoan brothers who make up the group, The Godfather explained the collaboration with Eminemsaying: “It’s all about mutual respect – He sees the struggle we go through and he wants to give back. A lot of people want to pay him big money to do this, but he feels us. His whole concept is that he only wants to f— with real people.”

He added: “If people can look past Eminem being white and appreciate his music, then they can look past Boo Yaa Tribe being Samoan gangstas and enjoy our music… All we want is for the world to understand our pain. It isn’t about gangs or any of that.”

The collaboration is one of many on the album, which attempts to unify West Coast hip-hop and includes Mack 10, WC, [a], Knoc’Turnal, Crooked I, Kokane and Short Khop.

Speaking about the fact that many of the rappers are from rival record companies, The Godfather said: “Our thing is we don’t have no beef with nobody, so I wanted to bring it together… I got Death Row, I got Aftermath, all on one album.”

He added: “You got the East Coast working together, the Dirty South working together, but the West just fell apart – A lot of these guys never lived the life, they just start stepping on each other to get up there.”